Black and White in Color Extended
By Annie, Ruby and Sidney
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Flick Footnotes
Relativity blurs pictures.
Films that teach us to laugh while we cry
Films that make us clap our hands and sing and dance
Films that take us safely through the human experience
Films that plot an even shot if not a second chance
Films that praise beauty, truth, talent and good sense
Films that reach us from the great spectral by and by.
Is editing endless? Yes.
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Desirée (1954) in COLOR
The English rose is Jean Simmons as Desirée. Napoleone is Marlon Brando as Napoleon Bonaparte with Cathleen Nesbitt as his mother and Merle Oberon as Josephine in semi-biographical costume drama based on Annamarie Selinko's novel. Sumptuous costumes by Réne Hubert, Charles Le Maire, Sam Benson. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
I will tell you, my dear daughter, how a Crown Princess of Sweden does not behave. A Crown Princess does not fall asleep in public. At court functions, she remains awake and converses graciously.
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Fantasia (1940-2000) in COLOR (Multiplane Technicolor)
Animation and fantasy from Walt Disney before 40. Music by Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Distributed by Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio Pictures.
Then the music begins to suggest other things to your imagination. They might be, oh, just masses of color, or they may be cloud forms or great landscapes or vague shadows or geometrical objects floating in space.
This Too Shall Pass (2010) in COLOR
Music video with animation from and distributed by OK Go.
OkGo YouTube Profile
Pleasantville (1998) in BLACK AND WHITE and in COLOR
Tobey Maguire as Bud, Reese Witherspoon as Mary Sue with Denise Dowse as Health Teacher and William H. Macy in fantasy. Written and directed by Gary Ross. Distributed by New Line Cinema.
Now, it seems to me that the first thing we have to do is to separate out the things that are pleasant from the things that are unpleasant.
The Lady from Shanghai (1947) in BLACK AND WHITE
Orson Welles stars and directs. Rita Hayworth as Rosalie with Evelyn Ellis as Bessie in noir drama. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.
I've always found it's sanitary to be broke.
Salome (1953) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Rita as Salome with Alan Badel as John the Baptist, Charles Laughton and Judith Anderson in costume drama loosely based on history during the reign of the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.
Why waste a slave? || Why not? || The world's full of them.
Pal Joey (1957) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Rita as Mrs. Vera Simpson with Barbara Nichols as Gladys, Frank Sinatra and Kim Novak in musical based on John O'Hara's Broadway play. Music by Rodgers and Hart, Nelson Riddle. Choreography by Hermes Pan. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.
Who's she? || She's just a mouse.
House on Haunted Hill (1959) in BLACK AND WHITE and in COLOR
Vincent Price as the mad millionaire with Carol Ohmart as the 4th spouse and Richard Long as her savior in humorous noir horror. Distributed by Allied Artists.
It's a pity you didn't know when you started your game of murder that I was playing too.
Bluebeard (1944) in BLACK AND WHITE
John Carradine as Gaston Morrell with Jean Parker as Lucille in tragic noir horror. Distributed by Producers Releasing Corporation.
What would Bluebeard want with me?
Stage Door Canteen (1943) in BLACK AND WHITE
Lon McCallister as California with Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Gypsy Rose Lee, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Kay Kyser, Guy Lombardo, Freddy Martin and all star cameo cast in patriotic musical. Produced by Frank Borzage and Sol Lesser. Distributed by United Artists.
We're in a war and we're going to win.
Private Buckaroo (1942) in BLACK AND WHITE
Mary Wickes as Bonnie-Belle with Harry James, the Andrews Sisters, Shemp Howard and Donald O'Connor in patriotic musical comedy. Distributed by Universal Pictures.
Ed Wood (1994) in BLACK AND WHITE
Johnny Depp with Lisa Marie as Vampira, Martin Landau and Bill Murray in dark comedy. Directed by Tim Burton. Distributed by Touchstone Pictures.
Gay and cross-dressing are black and white which is less to suggest transvestites are gay than to attest horror without color is best. Steady habitual monks fill and refill champagne glasses; medicos in pre and post op take and pass on surgical syringes and talent tests. Sustainable noises cease; reel delivery is sympathetically delayed but surround sound never rests. Do these names trip off the tongue: Bela, Bill, Bunny, Chriswell, Vampira? No, they flow from memory, hesitate and gracefully retire. A good ways away as they should until no day is forced to act as night. In passing, the cast of Ed Wood did not set out to make the world wrong or right.
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Brewster McCloud (1970) in COLOR (Metrocolor)
Bert Remsen as Officer Breen with Sally Kellerman and Bud Cort. Directed by Robert Altman*. Distributed by MGM.
Movies don't have to age. Robert Altman alters that image. There are many ways to enjoy Altman, a lifetime's worth of ways. Following Richard E. Grant from Tom to Cort to George can take days. Stephen Altman makes it easy to see, taste, smell and feel sound. To hear all around and touch the visual ground. Following Kirk Douglas as Izzy in Tennessee Williams' Glass Menagerie to the tale of one more dysfunctional family is differently exhausting. And this is not acting; this is mere following. Movies charge interest. Spacing the Four Aces in Written on the Wind is the price paid as piano chords lead in and out among Hadley Oil houseguests.
A Prairie Home Companion (2006) in COLOR
Garrison Keillor writes and stars with Sue Scott as Donna, the Makeup Lady, Meryl Streep and Lili Tomlin. Directed and produced by Robert Altman*. Distributed by Picture House, New Line Cinema.
Can we feature black and white Garrison Keillor? Humor emanates from the Creator in color.
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Margaret Tyzack as Elena with Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood in fantasy written by Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick. Directed and produced by Kubrick. Distributed by MGM.
I know I've made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal.
The Red Balloon (1956) in COLOR (Technicolor) | France
Sabine Lamorisse as the Little Girl with Pascal Lamorisse in fantasy short. Written, directed and produced by Albert Lamorisse. Distributed by Lopert Pictures, Janus Films.
Yellow Sky (1948) in BLACK AND WHITE
Harry Morgan as Half Pint and John Russell as Lengthy with Gregory Peck, Anne Baxter and Richard Widmark in western. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
It wasn't doing you no hurt.
Diamonds are not black and white. Neither is a kiss on the hand or a fist fight. Do oldies appeal because audiences demanded hope or because women were in the business from the getgo? You never know. When the focus drifts the mystique intrudes. Does monotone appeal because red lipstick is better subdued? Becoming Eve with Margo after Mike with Stretch is the sultry tomboy Anne. The Duke takes The Man from Utah to The Barbarian and the Geisha (President Pierce sent the barbarian to Japan). The Man from Utah offers footage of Wild West commercial rodeo sleaze and if Singin' Sandy Saunders isn't history, what is, please? Great-Uncle Ed liked the oaters; he could mimic a walk, trot and canter to full rolling gallop drumming his knuckles on his knees.
Stormy Weather (1943) in BLACK AND WHITE
Stymie Beard as stagehand with Lena Horne, Bill Robinson, Cab Calloway, Fats Waller, Nicholas Brothers and Katherine Dunham in musical. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
Second Chorus (1940) in BLACK AND WHITE
Charles Butterworth as Mr. Chisholm with Fred Astaire, Paulette Goddard, Burgess Meredith and Artie Shaw in musical. Music by Shaw, Johnny Mercer. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
And you -- you go home and run your scales.
The Thin Man (1934) in BLACK AND WHITE
Skippy as Asta with Minna Gombell as Mimi, William Powell, Myrna Loy and Cesar Romero in comic noir mystery. Written by Dashiell Hammett. Distributed by MGM.
Have a cocktail.
Asta, the wire-haired terrier originally named Skippy, appeared in The Awful Truth, Bringing Up Baby and Topper Takes a Trip but is most famous for the Thin Man films where his acting was debonair and charming. Asta in his finest hours of replacing a female Schnauzer would have refused to interrupt Ruby's concentration on anything.
The Member of the Wedding (1952) in BLACK AND WHITE
Brandon De Wilde as Candy with James Edwards as Honey, Ethel Waters and Julie Harris in drama based on Carson McCullers' play. Distributed by Stanley Kramer Productions.
Berenice, which eye's your mind's eye?
Borderline (1950) in BLACK AND WHITE
Claire Trevor as Madeleine with Pepe Hern as Pablo, Fred MacMurray and Raymond Burr in comic noir drama. Distributed by Borderline Productions.
Key Largo (1948) in BLACK AND WHITE
Claire Trevor as Gaye with Rodd Redwing as Tom Osceola, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Edward G. Robinson and Lionel Barrymore in noir drama. Distributed by Warner Brothers.
I say smack her and let it go at that.
Marlene (1948) in BLACK AND WHITE and in COLOR | Germany
Marlene Dietrich as herself in documentary. Written and directed by Maximilian Schell. Distributed by Futura Film.
The Brothers Karamazov (1958) in COLOR (Metrocolor)
Maria Schell as Grushenka with David Opatoshu as Captain Snegiryov, Yul Brynner, Claire Bloom and Lee J. Cobb in drama based on Dostoevsky's novel. Distributed by MGM.
How can anybody spend five thousand rubles at one time? || I admit it requires skill, brother.
The Young Lions (1958) in BLACK AND WHITE
Maximilian Schell as Captain Hardenberg with Dora Doll as Simone, Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, May Britt, Hope Lange and Dean Martin in war drama based on Irwin Shaw's novel. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
Can I talk about what I did with your wife the last time I was in Berlin?
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California Split (1974) in COLOR (Metrocolor)
Ann Prentiss as Barbara with George Segal and Elliott Gould. Written by Joseph Walsh. Directed by Robert Altman*. Produced by Altman and Walsh. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.
El busto! Tapioca time.
California Suite (1978) in COLOR
Sheila Frazier as Bettina Panama with Maggie Smith, Elaine May, Jane Fonda, Michael Caine, Walter Matthau, Alan Alda, Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor in dramatic comedy. Written by Neil Simon. Directed by Herbert Ross. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.
Have I been hit by a bus? I look as though I were hit by a fully-loaded tour guided bus.
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Double Indemnity (1944) in BLACK AND WHITE
Porter Hall as Mr. Jackson with Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray and Edward G. Robinson in noir drama. Directed by Billy Wilder. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
Do you make your own breakfast, Mr Neff? || Well, I squeeze a grapefruit now and again.
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Sweet Liberty (1986) in COLOR
Leo Burmester as Hank with Alan Alda, Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Caine in sweet comedy. Written and directed by Alda. Distributed by Universal Pictures.
How can you teach History and have such a short memory?
Algiers (1938) in BLACK AND WHITE
Sigrid Gurie as Ines with Charles Boyer, Hedy Lamarr, Gene Lockhart in noir drama. Distributed by United Artists.
I'm sorry, Pepe. He thought you were going to escape. || And so I have, my friend.
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King Solomon's Mines (1937) in BLACK AND WHITE | UK
Ecce Homo Toto as Infadoos with Paul Robeson, Cedric Hardwicke, Roland Young and Anna Lee in noir action film based on H. Rider Haggard's novel. Distributed by General Film Distributors.
I always thought that fellow had a drop of royal blood in him! You don't get a snake on your stomach for nothing, you know!
Cinderella Liberty (1973) in COLOR
Sally Kirkland as Fleet Chick with James Caan, Marsha Mason and Eli Wallach in drama filmed in Seattle. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
Are black and white rain? MS Word finds that acceptable; MS Word is at it again. The Accordion Man speaks to this. However, most musicals are not what Pennies from Heaven is. Eli Wallach segues smoothly to Baggs from Guido in The Misfits. The biggest little city in the world is black and white in color to its credits and debits. Tora Tora Tora and Jet Pilot lack sobriety. Gamble on Twelve O'Clock High and Bell for Adano for sober war history.
Vincent and Theo (1990) in COLOR | Netherlands, UK, France, Italy, Germany
Oda Spelbos as Ida with Tim Roth and Paul Rhys. Music by Gabriel Yared. Directed by Robert Altman*. Distributed by Arena Films, Belbo Films, Central Television.
Moulin Rouge (1952) in TECHNICOLOR | UK
Collette Marchand as Marie with José Ferrer as Henri Toulouse Lautrec and his father and Zsa Zsa Gabor as Jane in semi-biographical treatment of the artist. Music by Georges Auric, William Engvik. Directed by John Huston. Distributed by United Artists.
Tomorrow, I'll think of a very good answer, but in the meantime, I prefer to change the subject.
Cyrano de Bergerac (1950) in BLACK AND WHITE
José Ferrer as Cyrano with Virginia Farmer as Duenna and Mala Powers in drama from Edmond Rostand's play. Distributed by United Artists.
But, I have no gloves. A pity too. I had one -- the last of an old pair -- and lost that. Very careless of me. A gentleman offered me an impertinence. I left it -- in his face.
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Drumline (2002) in COLOR
Jason Weaver as Ernest with Nick Cannon, Orlando Jones and Zoe Saldana in movie for those who love marching bands. Directed by Charles Stone III. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
I thought you'd like to know everything is everything, mom.
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Carmen Jones (1954) in COLOR
Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen with Roy Glenn as Rum Daniels, Harry Belafonte, LeVern Hutcherson and Marilyn Horne in musical drama adapted from Broadway play. Music by Georges Bizet. Written by Oscar Hammerstein II. Directed and produced by Otto Preminger. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
'Scuse my dust, gentlemen. The air's gettin' mighty unconditioned 'round here.
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The Big Sleep (1946) in BLACK AND WHITE
Martha Vickers as Carmen with Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Dorothy Malone as Acme Bookstore proprietress in noir drama based on Raymond Chandler's Novel. Screenplay by William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett, Jules Furthman. Directed and produced by Howard Hawks. Distributed by Warner Brothers.
Hmm. || What does that mean? || It means hmm.
The Perils of Pauline (1947) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Constance Collier as Julia Gibbs with Betty Hutton, John Lund and Billy De Wolfe in musical comedy. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
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My Blue Heaven (1950) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Una Merkel as Miss Irma Gilbert with Betty Grable, Dan Dailey, Mitzi Gaynor and David Wayne in musical comedy. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
The Man from Utah (1934) in BLACK AND WHITE and COLORIZED
Yakima Canutt as Cheyenne Kent with John Wayne and Gabby Hayes in western. Distributed by Lone Star Productions, Monogram Pictures, Paul Malvern Productions.
John's singing voice dubbed by Jack Kirk. In Riders of Destiny Bill Bradbury does the dub work.
Gunfight at the OK Corral (1957) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Jack Elam as Tom McLowery with Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Jo Van Fleet and Dennis Hopper in western drama. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
We'd like you to come to the wedding, Doc, if it doesn't interfere with your poker. || I'm not good at weddings, only funerals. Deal me out.
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair (1952) in BLACK AND WHITE
Frank Ferguson as Sam, the Jailer with Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride in comedy. Distributed by Universal International Pictures.
Now hang on there, Billy. || I'm Danny! ||| Nancy, hold still! || I'm Susie, Ma.
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The Last Picture Show (1971) in BLACK AND WHITE
Jessie Lee Fulton as Miss Mosey with Cybill Shepherd, Cloris Leachman, Ellen Burstyn, Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges, Ben Johnson and Clu Gallagher as Abilene in drama. Adapted from Larry McMurtry's novel with screen play by McMurtry, Peter Bogdanovich. Directed by Bogdanovich. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.
Nobody wants to come to shows no more. Kids got baseball in the summer, television all the time.
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The Secret Life of J. Walter Mitty (1947) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Fay Bainter as Mrs. Eunice Mitty with Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo and Boris Karloff in comedy. Adapted from story by James Thurber. Distributed by Samuel Goldwyn.
What's that awful smell? || It's that cologne you gave me for Christmas.
Alice's Restaurant (1969) in COLOR
Tina Chen as Mari-chan with Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Pat Quinn as Alice in musical comedy with drama. Adapted from song by Arlo Guthrie. Music by Arlo Guthrie, Gary Sherman. Distributed by United Artists.
Written on the Wind (1956) in TECHNICOLOR
Dorothy Malone as Marylee with Maidie Norman as Bertha, Lauren Bacall, Rock Hudson and Robert Stack in drama. Adapted from Robert Wilder's novel. Directed by Douglas Sirk. Distributed by Universal International Pictures.
There's nothing wrong with Lucy.
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Red River (1948) in BLACK AND WHITE
John Ireland as Cherry Valance, Walter Brennan as Groot with Chief Yowlachie as Quo, John Wayne, Montgomery Clift and Joann Dru in western. Music by Dimitri Tiomkin. Directed by Howard Hawks. Distributed by United Artists.
Plantin' and readin', plantin' and readin'. Fill a man full of lead, stick him in the ground and then read words on him. Why, when you've killed a man, why try to read the Lord in as a partner on the job?
To those who recognize Terry Moore in a swimsuit and learned from their dads how to pronounce Yakima Canutt. To those who ran the world wide wars gamut. To those who recognize Cameron Mitchell all the way to How to Marry a Millionaire and then run parallel. May Cherry Valance from Val Verde ring a resounding bell.
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Upstairs, Downstairs (1971-75) in COLOR and in BLACK AND WHITE | UK
Jean Marsh as Rose with Evin Crowley as Emily, Rachel Gurney as Lady Marjorie Bellamy and George Innes as Arthur in classic BBC series covering 1903-1936 plus. Created by Jean Marsh, Eileen Atkins. Music by Alexander Farris. Developed by Alfred Shaughnessy. Written by Alfred Shaughnessy, Fay Weldon, John Hawkesworth, Charlotte Bingham, Terence Brady, Elizabeth Jane Howard.
Better sore feet than shabby boots. ||| We all serve a master unless we are King Edward himself. ||| Would you all link hands, please. ||| Foreigners -- they're all the same: different. ||| You must learn to listen more and think less.
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The Third Man (1949) in BLACK AND WHITE | UK
Bernard Lee as Sergeant Paine with Joseph Cotten, Trevor Howard, Orson Welles and Valli in noir drama. Zither player and composer Anton Karas. Written by Graham Greene. Directed and produced by Carol Reed. Distributed by British Lion Films, Selznick International Pictures.
Nobody thinks in terms of human beings. Governments don't. Why should we? They talk about the people and the proletariat. I talk about the suckers and the mugs. It's the same thing. They have their five-year plans. So have I.
Upstairs, Downstairs (1971-75) in COLOR and in BLACK AND WHITE | UK
Pauline Collins as Sarah with Raymond Huntley as Sir Geoffrey Dillon, Patsy Smart as Miss Roberts and John Alderton as Thomas in classic BBC series covering 1903-1936 plus. Created by Jean Marsh, Eileen Atkins. Music by Alexander Farris. Developed by Alfred Shaughnessy. Written by Alfred Shaughnessy, Fay Weldon, John Hawkesworth, Charlotte Bingham, Terence Brady, Elizabeth Jane Howard.
Covering 1903-1930 in 68 episodes, a technicians' strike resulted in 5 early black and white episodes so is fine filmed fiction without color more intense? "I Dies for Love" or "The Mistress and the Maid" and "Rose's Pigeon" -- is there a dramatic difference? Miss Elizabeth's white fur wrap saw daybreak 100 years ago. Gadding about at night she brought the household much woe. She consorted with Fabians and suffragettes because she pitied the poor and wanted to live, love and vote or so she said. She crossed the Atlantic and Eaton Place recovered. Onward Hitchcock, historical records, the BBC and A&E. Entertainment is not instructive although it can be.
Ordeal by Innocence (1985) in COLOR (Eastmancolor) UK
Diana Quick as Gwenda with Donald Sutherland, Christopher Plummer and Faye Dunaway in mystery adapted from Agatha Christie's novel. Mesmerizing footage of Devon coastline. Great soundtrack by Dave Brubeck. Distributed by London-Cannon Films.
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Mother Wore Tights (1947) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Dan Dailey as Frank Burt with Vanessa Brown as Bessie, Betty Grable and Mona Freeman in musical. Directed by Walter Lang. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
There's No Business Like Show Business (1954) in COLOR
Dan Dailey as Terrence Donahue with Rhys Williams as Father Dineen, Ethel Mermen, Donald O'Connor, Mitzi Gaynor, Johnny Ray and Marilyn Monroe in musical. Directed by Walter Lang. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
You start worrying about your kids the day they're born and you never stop. Even after they bury you, I bet you never stop worrying.
Angel and the Badman (1947) in BLACK AND WHITE
Gail Russell as Penelope with Irene Rich as Penelope's mother and John Wayne in western. Produced by Wayne. Distributed by Republic Pictures.
He swung a wide loop in his younger days, I think. || A wide loop? || He wasn't too careful whose calf he threw his rope at.
Wake of the Red Witch (1948) in BLACK AND WHITE
Gail Russell as Angelique with Luther Adler as Mayrant Ruysdaal Sidneye, John Wayne and Gig Young in drama. Distributed by Republic Pictures.
Rest in peace, Gig Young or Byron Barr, whomever you are.
Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Ossie Davis as Marshall with Amanda Plummer as Dagmar, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan as DeDe/Angelica/Patricia and Abe Vigoda as Chief of the Waponis in comedy. Written and directed by John Patrick Shanley. Distributed by Warner Brothers.
This is our premier steamer trunk, it's all handmade, only the finest materials. It's even watertight, tight as a drum. If I had the need and the wherewithal, Mr. Banks, this would be my trunk of choice. || I'll take four of them. || May you live to be a thousand years old, sir.
I'm Not Rappaport (1996) in COLOR
Ossie Davis as Midge with Ranjit Chowdhry as Kamir and Walter Matthau in comedy. Adapted from his play and directed by Herb Gardner. Distributed by Gramercy Pictures.
It's the system. Two years old, you stand up. Seventy years later, you fall down again.
The Southerner (1945) BLACK AND WHITE
Zachary Scott as Sam Tucker with Nestor Paiva as Bartender, Betty Field, Beulah Bondi and J. Carrol Naish in drama. Directed by Jean Renoir. Distributed by United Artists.
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King of Hearts (1966) in COLOR (Eastmancolor) | France
Jean-Claude Brialy as the Duke of Clover with Alan Bates and Geneviéve Bujold in dark comedy. Directed and produced by Philippe de Broca. Distributed by Les Productions Artistes Associés, United Artists.
The most beautiful journeys are taken through the window.
The Tin Drum (1979) in BLACK AND WHITE and in COLOR (Eastmancolor) | Germany, France, Poland, Yugoslavia
Mariella Oliveri as Roswitha with David Bennent, Angela Winkler and Daniel Olbrychski in dark comedy. Adapted from novel by Gunther Grass. Distributed by Argos Films, United Artists et al.
Duty is duty and schnapps is schnapps.
Anything is safer the second time around. Before the bloody murder of the Cowboy and before Oskar's mom eats eels, we can look away; before the knife is thrust into Sir William McCordle's back, we can kill the sound.
La Strada (1954) in BLACK AND WHITE | Italy
Marcella Rovere as the Widow with Giulietta Masina, Anthony Quinn and Richard Basehart in drama. Produced by Dino De Laurentiis and Carlos Ponti. Directed by Federico Fellini. Distributed by Trans Lux Inc.
The Fool is hurt.
Seven Samarai (1954) in BLACK AND WHITE | Japan
Keiko Tsushima as Manzö's daughter with Takashi Shimura, Isao Shimura and Kamatari Fujiwara in drama. Cowritten and directed by Akira Kurosawa. Distributed by Toho.
What's the use of worrying about your beard when your head's about to be taken?
Death on the Nile (1978) in COLOR (Technicolor) | UK
Peter Ustinov with I. S. Johar as Mr. Choudry, Betty Davis, David Niven, Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, George Kennedy and Maggie Smith in mystery adapted from Agatha Christie's novel. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
There was a third shot.
For 25 years poet Velma West Sykes was a film critic for Boxoffice Magazine.
Appointment with Death (1988) in COLOR (Technicolor) | UK
Peter Ustinov with Michael Craig as Lord Peel, Lauren Bacall, John Gielgud, Piper Laurie, Hayley Mills, Carrie Fisher and David Soul in mystery adapted from Agatha Christie's novel. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
I never forget anything: not a name, not a face, not an action.
Murder in Three Acts (1986) in COLOR | UK
Peter Ustinov with Frances Lee McCain as Miss Milray and Tony Curtis in mystery adapted from Agatha Christie's novel. Distributed by Cannon Film Distributors.
For 25 years poet Velma West Sykes was a film critic for Boxoffice Magazine.
Sex Kittens Go to College (1960) in BLACK AND WHITE
Mamie Van Doren as Dr. Mathilda West aka Tassels Monclair with Charles Chaplin Jr. as Fire Chief and Tuesday Weld in comedy. Distributed by Allied Artists Pictures.
Guessing cannot hurt you. You have the B&B guarantee on that. Just close your eyes and point.
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Reds (1981) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Dorothy Frooks as the Recruiting Girl for World War I with Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson in comedy. Written by Warren Beatty, Trevor Griffiths, Elaine May, Jeremy Pikser, Peter S. Feibleman. Directed and produced by Warren Beatty. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
Don't rewrite what I write.
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Harry and the Hendersons (1987) in COLOR
Kevin Peter Hall as Harry with John Lithgow as George Henderson, Melinda Dillon as Nancy Henderson and M. Emmett Walsh as George's father in fantasy comedy. Directed by William Dear. Distributed by Universal Pictures.
George, if I could have a word with you before the Carson Show calls?
The special Seattle home of Nori and Martha Mihara serves as the Henderson home.
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Much Ado About Nothing (1993) in COLOR (Technicolor) | UK
Michael Keaton as Constable Dogberry with Phyllida Law as Ursula, Kenneth Branagh, Denzel Washington, Emma Thompson in Shakespeare's comedy. Adapted and directed by Kenneth Branagh. Distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Company, MGM.
Were I as tedious as a king, I could find it in my heart to bestow it all on Your Worship.
Multiplicity (1996) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Michael Keaton as Doug with Ann Cusack as Noreen, Andie MacDowell and Eugene Levy in comedy. Directed by Harold Ramis. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.
15 years ago I cloned an earthworm. || Well, God bless you, sir.
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Where the Wild Things Are (2009) in COLOR | Australia, UK, US
Angus Sampson and Mark McCracken as Bernard the Bull with Max Records, Lauren Ambrose, Chris Cooper and Forest Whitaker in animated fantasy drama adapted from book by Maurice Sendak. Directed by Spike Jonze. Distributed by Warner Brothers.
Yeah, it's gonna be as tall as twelve of you and six of me. And only we can get in. We can have an ice cream parlor. A swimming pool with a bottom that's a trampoline.
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Sayonara (1957) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Ricardo Montalbán as Nakamura with Miyoshi Umeki as Katsumi Kelly, Marlon Brando, Red Buttons and James Garner in drama adapted from book by James Michener. Directed by Josh Logan. Distributed by Warner Brothers.
I am not allowed to love but I will love you if that is your wish.
Sweet Charity (1969) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Ricardo Montalbán as Vittorio Vidal with Barbara Bouchet as Ursula, Shirley MacLaine, Chita Rivera and Stubby Kaye in musical comedy Written by Neil Simon. Choreographed and directed by Bob Fosse. Distributed by Universal Pictures.
Wow, this place is sure full of celebrities. I'm the only one in here I've never heard of.
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1984) in COLOR
Ricardo Montalbán as Khan Noonien Singh with Nichelle Nichols as CMDR Uhura, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in space fantasy. Written by Gene Roddenberry. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
Damn it Jim, what the hell is the matter with you? Other people have birthdays. Why are we treating yours like a funeral?
The Long Night (1947) in BLACK AND WHITE
Barbara Bel Geddes as Jo Ann with Moroni Olsen as Police Chief, Henry Fonda and Vincent Price in noir crime drama. Directed and produced by Anatole Litvak. Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.
Good heavens, do I have to apologize for superior imagination?
Trapped (1949) in BLACK AND WHITE
Lloyd Bridges as Tris Stewart with Frank Sully as Sam, the Bartender and Barbara Payton in noir crime drama. Distributed by Eagle-Lion Films.
The Limping Man (1953) in BLACK AND WHITE | UK
Lloyd Bridges as Frank Prior with Rachel Roberts as Barmaid and Moira Lister in noir crime drama. Distributed by Banner Films Ltd.
Gritty films from the 40s and 50s want patient screening. Split seams crack concentration and diddle meanings. The US Treasury Department, established in 1789, expanded with Coast Guard and customs, the IRS, narcotics bureau and secret service, the silver of minting. And the white, green and black of printing. Prisms reveal undercover frights, government interventions, family fights. Names and intentions go up and down in lights.
The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) in COLOR
Jeff and Beau Bridges as Jack and Frank Baker with Terri Treas as Girl in Bed and Michelle Pfeiffer in musical drama. Distributed by 20th Century Fox, MGM.
I stayed at the Hartford one time. You should see the rooms. All satin and velvet. And the bed -- royal blue, trimmed in lace clean as snow. Hard to believe a room like that don't change your life. But it don't. The bed may be magic but the mirror isn't. Still wake up the same old Susie.
Crazy Heart (2009) in COLOR
Jeff Bridges as Bad Blake with Jack Nation as Buddy and Maggie Gyllenhaal in musical drama. Distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.
I can't help it if my capillaries are close to the skin. ||| Everything can get a hold on you.
Among other factors some musicians are actors.
Jesse James (1939) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Henry Fonda as Frank James with Henry Hull as Major Rufus Cobb, Tyrone Power, Randolph Scott and Nancy Kelly in western. Great train shoots. Written by Nunnally Johnson. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
You look like a man who's got good sense. || Just name it, friend, and I'll do it. ||| Sure it was but you don't have to yell about it. I'm not deef.
This is one expectorating Henry Fonda in the historically inaccurate treatment of the US Civil War from which animal cruelty allegations tend to distract. Nevertheless, there are associations and families who can act.
The Return of Frank James (1940) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Henry Fonda as Frank James with Ernest Whitman as Pinky and Gene Tierney in western. Directed by Fritz Lang. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
The Grapes of Wrath (1940) in BLACK AND WHITE
Henry Fonda as Tom Joad with Eddie Quillan as Connie, Jane Darwell, Shirley Mills and John Carradine in drama based on John Steinbeck's novel with screenplay by Nunnally Johnson. Directed by John Ford. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
I smell spare ribs. Somebody's been eatin' spare ribs. How come I ain't got none?
Cat Ballou (1965) in COLOR (Eastmancolor)
Jane Fonda as Cat Ballou with Arthur Hunnicutt as Butch Cassidy, Lee Marvin, Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye in comedy western. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.
You won't make me cry. You'll never make me cry!
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969) in BLACK AND WHITE and in COLOR
Jane Fonda as Gloria Beatty with Allyn Ann McLerie as Shirl, Gig Young, Michael Sarrazin, Susannah York and Red Buttons in drama. Directed by Sydney Pollack. Distributed by Cinerama Releasing Corporation.
Somebody screamed. || That was you, Alice.
Easy Rider (1969) in BLACK AND WHITE and in COLOR
Peter Fonda as Wyatt with Carmen Phillips as Mime #2, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. Written by Fonda, Hopper, Terry Southern. Produced by Fonda. Directed by Hopper. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.
Lord have mercy! Is that what that is?
Ordinary People (1980) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Donald Sutherland as Calvin Jarett with Meg Mundy as Grandmother, Mary Tyler Moore, Judd Hirsch and Timothy Hutton in drama. Directed by Robert Redford. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
What do people have in common with mothers anyway?
The Bay Boy (1984) in COLOR | Canada
Keiffer Sutherland as Donald Campbell with Josephine Chaplin as Marie Chaisson, Liv Ullman and Peter Donat in coming of age drama. Directed by Daniel Petrie. Distributed by Pan-Canadian, Orion Classics.
Pete Kelly's Blues (1954) in COLOR (Warnercolor)
Miss Peggy Lee as Rose Hopkins with Donald Kerr as Drunk in Speakeasy, Jack Webb, Janet Leigh, Ella Fitzgerald, Edmond O'Brien, Lee Marvin, Martin Milner and Andy Devine in musical crime drama. Directed and produced by Webb. Distributed by Warner Brothers.
Pete Kelly's Blues (Ray Anthony's recording)
Tough Guys (1986) in COLOR
Alexis Smith as Belle with Simmy Bow as Schulz, Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas in comedy crime drama. Distributed by Touchstone Pictures.
I never thought the great Harry Doyle would turn into a gutless wimp! || Keep it up, Arch, I'll put another hole in that chin of yours!
You Were Never Lovelier (1942) in COLOR
Xaviar Cugat as himself with George Bunny as Flower Man, Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth in musical comedy. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.
I wish you wouldn't speak while I'm interrupting.
A Wedding (1978) in COLOR
Viveca Lindfors as Ingrid Hellstrom with Bert Remsen as William Williamson, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Carol Burnett, Geraldine Chaplin, Paul Dooley, Howard Duff, Mia Farrow, Vittorio Gassman, Lillian Gish, Lauren Hutton, Jeffrey Jones, Dina Merrill, Nina Van Pallandt and Virginia Vestoff. Written by John Considine, Allan F. Nicholls, Patricia Resnick, Robert Altman. Directed and produced by Altman*. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
You mean you don't drink? || No. || In other words, when you get up in the morning that's as good as you're gonna feel all day.
Such Good Friends (1971) in COLOR
Virginia Vestoff as Emily Laphan with Rita Gam as Doria Perkins, Dyan Cannon, James Coco, Jennifer O'Neill, Nina Foch and Louise Lasser in comedy. Directed by Otto Preminger. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
Are you here to give blood or are you the caterer?
The Naked City (1948) in BLACK AND WHITE
Howard Duff as Frank Niles with Walter Burke as Pete Backalis and Barry Fitzgerald in noir crime drama. Directed by Jules Dassin. Distributed by Universal Studios.
I haven't had a busy day since yesterday.
Cleopatra (1963) in COLOR | UK, US
Roddy McDowell as Octavian with Gwen Watford as Calpurnia, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison and Carroll O'Connor in historical drama. Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Rouben Mamoulian, Daryl F. Zanuck. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
I do not understand why the eyes of a statue should always lack light.
Cool Hand Luke (1967) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Jo Van Fleet as Arletta with Joy Harmon as Lucille, Paul Newman, George Kennedy, Strother Martin and Dennis Hopper in drama. Directed by Stuart Rosenberg. Distributed by Warner Brothers.
Shaking it up here, boss. ||| What we got here is a failure to communicate.
Seven Beauties (1975) in COLOR (Technicolor) | Italy
Shirley Stoler as Prison Camp Commandant with Aristide Caporale as Madman, Giancarlo Giannini and Fernando Rey in dark comedy. Written and directed by Lina Wertmuller. Distributed by Koch-Lorber Films.
Oh yeah.
Man on a Tightrope (1953) in BLACK AND WHITE
Gloria Grahame as Zama Cernik with Robert Beatty as Barovic, Frederick March, Cameron Mitchell, Terry Moore and Richard Boone in circus drama. Directed by Elia Kazan. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
It's coming down. ||| Mox nix to us.
A Ticket to Tomahawk (1950) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Rory Calhoun as Dakota with Victor Sen Yung as Long Time, Dan Dailey, Ann Baxter, Walter Brennan and Marilyn Monroe in comic western. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
The Bigamist (1953) in BLACK AND WHITE
Ida Lupino as Phyllis with Jane Darwell as Mrs. Connelley, Joan Fontaine, Edmund O'Brien and Edmund Gwenn in noir drama. Directed by Lupino. Distributed by Filmmakers.
I've been a salesman too long not to recognize sales resistance when I see it.
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The 39 Steps (1935) in BLACK AND WHITE | UK
Robert Donat as Richard Hannay with Wylie Watson as Mr. Memory and Madeleine Carroll in noir mystery. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Distributed by Gaumont British.
Gentlemen, please! You're not at home!
Blazing Saddles (1974) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Cleavon Little as Sheriff Bart with Liam Dunn as Reverend Johnson, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman, Slim Pickens, Dom DeLuise and Mel Brooks in comedy. Directed by Brooks. Distributed by Warner Brothers.
Why don't you admit it? He's too much of a man for you. I know. You're going to need an army to beat him! You're finished. Fertig! Verfallen! Verlumpt! Verblunget! Verkackt!
Three Came Home (1950) in BLACK AND WHITE
Sessue Hayakawa as Colonel Suga with Florence Desmond as Betty, Claudette Colbert and Patric Knowles in drama. Written and produced by Nunnally Johnson. Based on Agnes Newton Keith's autobiography. Directed by Jean Negulesco. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
I don't get enough requests for my autograph to quibble over circumstances.
Night and the City (1950) in BLACK AND WHITE | UK
Googie Withers, CBE as Helen Nosseross with Ada Reeve as Molly, the Flower Lady, Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney, Francis L. Sullivan, Stanislaus Zbyszko and Mike Mazurki in noir drama. Directed by Jules Dassin. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.
You don't know what you're getting into. || I know what I'm getting out of.
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) in BLACK AND WHITE
Lizabeth Scott as Toni Marachek with Frank Orth as Hotel Clerk, Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas and Van Heflin in noir drama. Produced by Hal Wallis. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.
What happened? || The road curved, I didn't.
Pulp (1972) in COLOR | UK
Lizabeth Scott as Princess Betty Cippola with Amerigo Tot as Partisan Clerk, Michael Caine, Mickey Rooney and Lionel Stander in comic mystery. Written and directed by Mike Hodges. Distributed by United Artists.
Suddenly I was a cop lover. They couldn't keep me at that station long enough. I needed time to think and a place to do it.
A Family Thing (1996) in COLOR
Irma P. Hall as Aunt T. with Grace Zabriskie as Ruby, James Earl Jones and Robert Duvall in dramatic comedy. Written by Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson. Distributed by United Artists.
Don't know why anybody'd eat unsalted butter. Might as well eat Vaseline. Got about as much flavor.
The Ladykillers (2004) in COLOR
Irma P. Hall as Marva Munson with Stephen Root as Mr. Gudge, Tom Hanks and Tzi Ma in dramatic comedy. Written, produced and directed by Ethan and Joel Coen. Distributed by Touchstone Pictures.
This is a Christian house, boy. No hippity-hop language in here.
Elling (2001) in COLOR | Norway
Per Christensen as Alfons with Per Christian Ellefsen and Sven Nordin in dramatic comedy. Directed by Petter Næss. Distributed by Maipo Film-og Produksjon.
One way? || There are more ways?
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Judy Berlin (1999) in BLACK AND WHITE
Novella Nelson as Carol with Edie Falco, Barbara Barrie, Madeline Kahn and Anne Meara in drama. Directed by Eric Mendelsohn. Distributed by Caruso/Mendelsohn Productions.
It could just be about how it is -- about what it looks like when nobody's looking.
Just when you think you know out from in.
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Jezebel (1938) in BLACK AND WHITE
Fay Bainter as Aunt Belle with Bette Davis, Henry Fonda and George Brent in drama. Directed by William Wyler. Distributed by Warner Brothers.
They might better drain the swamps and clean up the city. || Is that what they do in Yankeeland? || They do. And a lot of other customs up North that'll bear copyin'.
Little Women (1933) in BLACK AND WHITE
Edna May Oliver as Aunt March with Katharine Hepburn as Jo, Joan Bennett as Amy, Jean Parker as Beth, Frances Dee as Meg, Spring Byington as Marmee, Douglass Montgomery as Laurie and Paul Lukas as Professor Bhaer in drama based on Louisa May Alcott's novel. Directed by George Cukor. Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.
If wearing hair up means becoming a lady, I'll wear it down until I'm 100 years old.
Little Women (1949) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Lucile Watson as Aunt March with June Allyson as Jo, Elizabeth Taylor as Amy, Margaret O'Brien as Beth, Janet Leigh as Meg, Mary Astor as Marmee, Peter Lawford as Laurie and Rosanno Brazzi as Professor Bhaer in drama based on Louisa May Alcott novel. Directed by Mervyn LeRoy. Distributed by MGM.
Christopher Columbus!
Little Women (1994) in COLOR (Technicolor)
Mary Wickes as Aunt March with Winona Ryder as Jo, Kirsten Dunst and Samantha Mathis as Amy, Clare Danes as Beth, Trini Alvarado as Meg, Susan Sarandon as Marmee, Christian Bale as Laurie and Gabriel Byrne as Professor Bhaer in drama based on Louisa May Alcott novel. Directed by Gillian Anderson. Distributed by MGM.
Just as you have always known that you would never marry a pauper, I have always known that I belong to the March family. || I will not be loved for my family.
* Robert Altman films contain humor, drama, music, fantasy, what have you. In other words: life.
Kudos to film critics Hilton Als, Judith Crist, David Denby, Roger Ebert, Penelope Gilliatt (RIP), Pauline Kael (RIP), Anthony Lane, Dwight Macdonald (RIP), Joe Morgenstern, Frank Rich, Andrew Sarris, Gene Shalit, Gene Siskel (RIP), Velma West Sykes (RIP).

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